XXX Diary - The ladies of MFM write and share their intimate SUPERIOR FEMALE thoughts!

April 15, 2014




if begging is required i'm more than willing to.
If a devoted fan of your rock hard muscles is granted one fantasy, this could be considered my list of dream scenarios:
Immediate female dominance
i've hardly made it thru the door before you pull me in and force me down on the bed
you straddle me, strike your dominant bicep poses and tell me that you're in charge now
you pull your top off and make me suck your tits.
you smack my face with them. hard.
you move up and sit on my face, pushing your moist cunt down on my mouth
with one hand you squeeze my throat, exerting your full dominance
you make me eat and lick you until you cum
then you tell me to undress
the excruciatingly slow, and utterly dominant hand- och blowjob
i'm laying in the bed
you crawl up and start playing with my hard cock.
you play with it, tease it, running your fingers up and down.
you take tight grip on it with one hand and use the palm of your other hand to rub the tip of my cock
your tongue plays along the shaft and with the tip
all the time you are looking into my eyes, telling me that you are my goddess, that you own me
you jerk at hard and fast - and then stop
back to playing with your fingers and your tongue
after what seems like an eternity your teasing makes my cum
you hardly touch me and yet my cock explodes
monster titjob with a twist
i'm standing up and you are kneeling down in front of me.
your place my stiff ciock between your tits and start jacking it
you do it hard and fast
you spit on my cock to lube it
you go faster and faster until i can't hold back.
my cum sprays all over your tits.
you stand up and order me to my knees.
lick it up you tell me.
i do as commanded
Im begging...........
April 4, 2014



Mature Female Muscle LOVERS
April 4, 2014

Hello to all the MFM lovers out there!!

Tonight I had the most incredible sex. Muscle controlling hot a heavy sex! THE FEEL OF BEING ON TOP LETS A WOMANS SUPERIORITY TAKE OVER! She knows she is in control when she can straddle her subject and use her MUSCLE PUSSY to milk his cock. No hands required, Just the sheer pull and squeeze of his cock and SHE IS IN CONTROL! Deep and wet, I love to ride the wave...the HUGE WAVE of cum that floods my tight pussy from a muscle fuck like you have never felt! IMAGINE YOUR COCK BEING ENSLAVED BY PURE MATURE FEMALE MUSCLE!

Forever your sweetness, XXX

Naughty Mature Muscle Divas have been busy...
November 28, 2012

Hi everyone....Hi to our muscle lover fans!!

The Women at MFM have been busy this year with competitions, and some travels, but its time for this site to all the new content we have been making for you...will be posted coming in this new week, and also some naughty bedtime stories, so please do come back and come often to see whats new.

We will be filming in Miami Beach in a few weeks, so some really hot and steamy mature muscle will be flexing its way in the sun, coming to keep you warm during these winter months! us your Mature Female Muscle requests...and if you are creative and like to write about your fantasies...please do send them to us, we will gladly share them for the other MFM fans to experience! We are a big muscle family and certainly do like all our fans to experience and enjoy our developed and strong bodies!


Mature Female Muscles unite!!
August 30, 2012

This site and the ladies of MFM have both been exploding! We are almost ready to start promoting the site, with a lot of new material ( exclusive MFM ) being posted and scheduled...almost ready!

This past week, MFM WildKat and Sexy Lady met up for fun and frolic in Boston! Something about the cool New England nights...kind of perk up the nipples! The two of us dominating a young sexy man from Connecticut was the highlight of the weekend. Not that the Lobstah wasn't was! But the thrill of having a nice young boy between my legs in position of servitude, while also being managed from two sexy Mature female Muscle stars...well that just sent me over the edge and he was sure thankful for the mouthful he received! The mouthful of sexy and perfectly pedicured toes filled his mouth. I love having all body parts worshipped! Sexy Lady was having a blast from behind with a "cowboy sized" piece of meat stimulating our boy"s backdoor!

"Yippee..." she shouted when he exploded from the "ride"....Yes, he did have to clean off my shoes...with his tongue! Thank you Billy!!   XXX

August 12, 2012

Keeping our muscles BIG, STRONG, and SEXY is no easy task!

After competition evening, the SUPERIOR LADIES of Mature Female Muscle gather for a feeding frenzy!  After some food, they devour a helpless slave...These three mature muscled ladies took their prey and had their way ...playing, teasing, and pleasing themselves until they were satisfied. A man has no chance of survival when faced with Superior Mature Muscle. His only survival is a wimper for mercy!

Oh ..How Hard are my Muscles you ask?
August 1, 2012

I have received a request to describe "Just how hard do a Mature Womans's Muscles feel"?


Well...let me say that they are hard, yet soft. Under the soft silky skin is a hardness that is very unique. When the muscle ...the skin tightens around it and you can FEEL the power and the fullness. Men love this feel because it reminds them of stroking their own shaft. The fullness and tightness they feel just before they explode with pleasure...only to look and feel a strong and sexy mature woman is a hundred times more erotic! Just ask the submissive stroking my calves right now. He is full of excitement....but will not be allowed to experience it tonight! Maybe later....

Growing Stronger Everyday!
July 30, 2012

Strong Mature Muscle Women must workout daily, and having big, strong and sexy legs are a must in order to be a Mature Female Muscle Model.

Here is one of my best leg shots...."the better to squeeze you with"

Coming soon is my afternoon with WildKat...we squeezed each other with scissors, bear hugs and even some bicep holds! Come and see how my Southern Comfort will make you feel!

Working out the kinks!!
July 26, 2012

Hello my dear Muscle lover...!

As this site works out its kinks, I wish to work out YOUR kinks!! Strong Superior Muscle Women, we love to seduce younger men and teach them all we have in store! Stay close by as the kinks are worked out on the site...and join me for for some sexy time!


Females Enslaving Males....
July 18, 2012

Welcome back to MFM...where strong, sexy and seductive women enslave males! We are getting this site almost to completion, but if you have already been "peeking" you will find some of the BEST women who enjoy teasing, and torturing their men! Thats right....the power of a STRONG MUSCULAR WOMAN should never be challanged, you will lose!

I put one of my submissives in a male chastity device, and then posed and flexed in front of him until his cock was so swollen he almost burst it open! He grew cold and pale from the large amount of blood in his cock and almost passed out! I finally allowed him to be removed from the device and the first touch of my bicep sent him exploding all over himself, what an explosion!

So, beware of the Power of FEMALE Muscle...MATURE FEMALE MUSCLE!  

Please do not explode all over your screen when viewing this site!  XXX

Welcome....muscle lovers!
June 19, 2012

Hi.....and welcome MATURE MUSCLE LOVERS!!!

      This site and diary was created for you to enjoy....! This diary will have entries daily for your pleasure! Different models will be submitting their writings!